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كتاب Engineering with Excel

Engineering With Excel للتحميل المباشر، من أهم الكتب علي الإطلاق

Engineering With Excel








Engineering with Excel, 4th Edition

Ronald W. Larsen, Montana State University





About This Book

The Engineering with Excel text has been updated to reflect the latest versions of Excel and Windows (Excel 2010 operating in Windows 7). Changes from Excel 2007 to Excel 2010 can be described as refinement rather than major changes, but certain changes, such as the elimination of the Office button, have changed the way you use the program and the text has been updated to reflect the new approach. In general, the changes in Excel 2010 streamline the user interface. With the fourth edition of Engineering with Excel
  • All screen captures have been updated for Excel 2010.
  • Menu operations have been updated to reflect Ribbon changes in Excel 2010 (but
  • commands for previous versions are also listed for those using older versions).
  • New methods for accessing chart formatting dialogs are described.
  • The Paste menus in Excel 2010 show icons rather than text. The use of these menus is described in the text.
  • The (iterative) Solver has been significantly upgraded with a new dialog. The use of the new Solver is covered in the text.
  • There is a new Print dialog that combines features previously available on using Print and Print Preview. This is a significant enhancement that Excel users will
  • appreciate.

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