Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers

Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers

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Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers
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Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers, an introductory survey of thermodynamics, offers an extension of the introductory theory of energy analysis. The author places a strong emphasis on the concepts of availability and irreversibility with respect to both nonreacting and reacting systems. Applications of the general theory are stressed – including the use of fuel and standard chemical availabilities. Readers will also find current PvT equations of state, as well as discussions of their use in developing property data in single-phase and two-phase regions. Theoretical and empirical relations for vapor pressure and the enthalpy of vaporization are noted. The general theory of multicomponent, single phase systems, including the concepts of a partial molal property and the chemical potential, is developed. These concepts are then extended to multiphase, multicomponent systems. Furthermore, a chapter on the microscopic implications of the entropy function and the second law is also included.

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